Thought I was feeling so much better. Really felt that I had this round by the tail finally.
I went on wednesday to spend my day at the pool hall with Jeremiah. I felt so happy to be walking in to the place, but then nothing really happened. I was distracted, couldn’t concentrate, foggy. My eyes have been burning (erbitux, I think), and that didn’t help. By the end of the day I was busted.
Spent yesterday in bed doing my book keeping for the year. Felt pretty tired and wretched. The pain is pretty well gone, but I think that last week really took a toll on me. Just adds insult to injury that after loosing a week to intense pain, you get to loose another to the exhaustion that it caused. Having a very hard time believing that in just a few days I have to go in for another treatment. I’m frustrated. I don’t mean to sound morose, but I liked it more when I had a couple of lousy days, and then a little over a week of feeling pretty good. This round is for the birds. Better luck next week, I guess.

Last night it was clear that I needed liquids in me. Hot ones. Probably flavored like chickens. So I made some soup. Asian confusion soup with pork and chive dumplings, sauteed baby bok choy, and pea shoots. So good. Just what I needed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I hope writing it out makes it easier? Either way, know that complete stranger are wishing for your wellbeing and admiring your cooking skills.

  2. The soup looks incredibly good. I’m sad that the last week shave been so crappy for you. You’re probably tired or hearing how it’s all the means to an end and it’s just temporary. Sometimes you just have to call out suckage for sucking and this sucks. Cancer sucks. You however, are a very cool, talented, generous person and I like you.

  3. That sucks about this round. Hopefully the next will be better. Dude, you SO need to write a cook book, or better yet, a video pod cast cooking show. I would totally subscribe to that, even if I had to pay! Your cooking looks like everything else you do: amazing! Sending you positive thoughts, Ez. Take care.

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