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  1. What a guy!! Oh man, even a smile! You are the best…..so much more than “still here”! Keep it up and you will be bending frames at the end of your bed tomorrow evening. Really thrilled that you have to mojo to send us all a message. Big tight hug…..S and A

  2. greetings from New Orleans, really glad to see you pulled through, smiling even. SO much admiration & support coming at ya, xox, feeling you big time honey!

  3. You are grace and courage, Ezra. I’m filled with … a gamut of emotions seeing you there. Thank you for fighting, for sharing, for living long and hard. See you where the road turns up, sprinting for the signpost…you’ll be there soon.

  4. When I saw your picture on flickr last night, it was an awesome end to a shitty day. You’re a rock star, brother! Just keep swinging!

  5. Sending lots of good thoughts your way my friend! I recognize that half awake/getting over anesthesia smile. 🙂 Luckily, it shines on you.

  6. How awesome to see that smile! Awesome start to the day!

    Still following your journey over here on the other side of the continent. I’ve widened and straightened out the pipe that’s sending mojo your way so it should be coming in at lightening speed now. Virtual hugs and high fives to you and Hillary.

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