sudado de pescado (republished)

I put this up first on my flickr page.  It got a surprisingly big response.  I figured it made sense to have it here on the blog as well.

“There have been some requests for recipes on here. I don’t really cook with recipes, so it’s hard to know just how to write them. I don’t measure or time anything, etc..

This one I feel I must pass on, however.
I was taught to make this when I was in Peru for a little while doing some teaching. It is the simplest and most miraculous thing imaginable. I’ve made a few changes, but the technique remains!

Three ingredients, really.

Layer, in a flashy pan:
1/4 inch (or a little less) slices of yellow onion.. big discs.
Then 1/4 inch or so slices of beefsteak tomato
Finally big chunks of cod, or other flaky white fish (hake or polluck e.g.)

Toss in a few whole pepper corns, a slightly crushed clove or two of garlic, a fresh bay leaf, just a bit of fresh hot chile (whatever sort you like.. the types available in Peru are astonishing, and make what we have here seem blunt and unsubtle). I usually add just a few pats of butter!

ADD NO LIQUID!!!!!! none at all.

Cover the pan and place over low heat.

Go cook something else for a little while, but not too long (15 minutes maybe? 20?)

When you uncover it, strangely, this is what you have! The broth is just the sum of all the liquid from the fish tomato and onion, and is simply the most divine broth I’ve had. Clean, fresh, astonishing.

Make it tonight. “

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  1. I usually serve it with potatoes of some sort. Down in Peru they have SO MANY varieties of potato. It’s unreal. An incredible range of textures and flavors (just as varied as the chiles). But it’s getting better here! It seems like fingerlings and other unusual varieties are starting to be more and more common in super markets. YAY! The ones int he picture are some pan roasted super thin slices with cumin seed and chiles..

  2. damn… I guess I won’t run to the store at 11:45pm to buy tomatoes and fish… maybe this weekend. Thanks for sharing. I’m liking this cooking blog idea already!

  3. made this tonight. tough day. good ending. thank you. you’re beautiful. i like how your ass cancer blog resolves to simple pleasures.

    cod was all we had. not flaky, but still good. next time i will slice the onions fine and salt a little to help them collapse more. and of course, summer would help on the tomato front. i’m grateful to mexico all the same. gonna try a little tarragon next go.

    future experiment on same base technique: salmon with capers and dill weed, serve with red wine.

  4. Great to hear, Todd. Thanks for stopping in! I love your idea for salmon! I think it’ll work beautifully!

    megan!! Yeah! do it!

    Thanks, Laurie.

  5. Hi there,

    I hope you read “late” comments! 🙂 I made this tonight! YUM!!! Thank you for telling us how it’s done. Opposite of you, I’m a terrible cook, dependent on recipes for everything… although I do love to eat. I request more seafood recipes (I’m a pescetarian)! So much of what you guys ate up in Nova Scotia looked/ sounded divine.

  6. maureen! Oh good! Glad you did it. Recipes are a starting place. Cook enough from recipes, and some principles will start to fall into place. Loving to EAT is the key! OOOOHhh… Nova Scotia. I miss it. We DO eat well up there.

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