Summer is winding down.

And My Sam is back from his summer away.  His apartment is still occupied by friend and sublet-er, Kurt, so after Emmy’s birthday party he ended up on the floor of the office.  Putney was delighted to find him there in there morning.

It’s looking as though Sam may turn right around, though, and take a little road trip with Putney and me up to Nova Scotia, to take in the best couple of weeks of the year up there.  For years, september was when I went up.  It was the routine that I’d close up the house.  When Hill started school, that got tricky.  This year, though, her teaching/class schedule and a few jewish holidays are lining up to make it possible for her to fly up and join me for a week.  A little late for our summer vacation, but I’ll take it!

Just hustling to finish up a couple of orders before I take off!

Yesterday I had a Doc appointment.

“How do you feel?”

“Fine, except for this persistent sciatic pain.”

“Great.  Let’s switch to PET scans every 6 months instead of every three.  Schedule you for one in Decemeber.”

“Suits me fine!  so.. is that it?”


“great!   ..  oh.  Doc.  Can I try having kids?  Is that all safe at this point?”

“Sure.  You can TRY.”     ha ha very funny, pal..

(bumped into an octogenarian friend of the family at a wedding recently, and said that Hill and I were talking about having kids.  Without skipping a beat he said, “I don’t think that’s how it happens..”)

I’ve become a little addicted to mountain biking.  More on that later.

15 Replies to “Summer is winding down.”

  1. Glad to hear that your prognosis is looking good. You and Hill will make some beautiful and smart babies.

    Thinking about making babies is indeed the wrong approach, but I believe you know that already.

    Finally, I may find myself in NYC this coming Thanksgiving. Don’t be surprised if some guy from Miami pokes his head in your shop looking to take some photos.

  2. My first instinct when I see a picture with Putney is to screech “PUTNEY SUE!” It confuses my coworkers.

  3. I cant wait until I’m an octogenarian so I can be a smartass. Oh, wait… I must have been an early bloomer. 😉

    Great news on the PT scans as well as the whole making babies thing.

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