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So yesterday turned out to really suck.

I was scheduled to meet with my oncologist at 1:00 to discuss the schedule for treatment.  This wasn’t a conversation I was very excited about.  We had talked about starting chemo a month or so after surgery.  Weirdly, it’s already two weeks after surgery now (!), and I can do the math!  Before chemo begins, I need to have another port put in.  Oh boy.

I woke up feeling not quite right, however.  And by noon, when it was time to think about heading out to the appointment, I felt really crappy.  I called the office.


“Daniel..  hi” Daniel is my first name.  Ezra is my middle.  I’ve been Ezra since I was about 2.  Dianne calls me Daniel just because she likes to.

“I have some brand new very acute pain at specific spot on my pereneal incision, a swollen gland in the groin, and a fever of 102.  I assume the doc will want me on antibiotics.  You suppose we could call that in, and I could come visit you another day?”

“Ah.  I’ll check with the Doctor P.”

I knew that there was no way I was going to get away with it.  Thought it was worth a try, though.  I was feeling so crappy that I wasn’t even able to get all that excited about the mailman showing up with my new camera (!!!!).  I’d had chills for the last several hours, and just wanted to get under the covers with the dog and warm up.

No such luck.

“Daniel?  The doctor says that he absolutely needs to see you..  and he called the surgeon, who wants to see you as well..  at 1:00, could you just come here first, and then plan to go there?”  It was 12:30 at this point.  So that’s how our day in taxi cabs began..  fast breaking.

To shorten a long story, I went to see and was examined by both docs.  Both agreed that I probably had some sort of infection and that I should be on meds.  The surgeon, however, wanted a CTscan, just to be sure that there wasn’t some sort of serious abscess that would need to be drained (this, he explained, would mean being re-admitted to the hospital, put on IV antibiotics, and stuck with a big needle.  I’ll pass).  So, off we went again, in our third cab of the day, to east river medical center for a scan where we waited for two hours (an hour to get insurance authorization, and then an hour to drink up the contrast solution), and finally by 5:00 we were in cab #4 headed back home.

The result?  A course of antibiotics. Can’t help but feel that the 4 cabs were unnecessary. Can’t help feeling a little miffed that instead of being snuggled in bed, I had spent the day sitting!  Sitting is not my best sport at the moment.

Better luck today.

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  1. Wow…Ez, this sucks. Hannah and I heard your news from Sherry a few weeks ago, and I haven’t really dared visit the blog until today because I know you will not spare the squeemish (that would be me) and I was not sure I was ready. Think I begin to get it now though. I like Gnocchi better than colostomies. You’re one tough SOB, and as tough as all that i am sure there are days (lots of them) that you don’t feel that way…After this one brief expression of sympathy – I am sorry this is happening to you – I won’t do it anymore, unless you say that helps. Mostly we’ll just think good things and how you are going to design and build a lifestyle that will be the the envy of the world and make it cool to not have a sphincter…I am imagining the front page of the NYT magazine in a couple years titled ” Who needs it? My (excellent) life without an asshole…” – and then all the cool “modifications and improvements” you will make to the inconvenient life we all lead….

    Do your best…love your wife and family…let yourself be loved…we on Windmill Hill think of you

  2. Shit, man, now I feel terrible for taking up so much of your time yesterday. Sorry your day turned out to be the suck. You don’t deserve days like that. Today will be better. If not today, then tomorrow for sure. To quote Ferris Bueller’s father: Get some rest, pal… and wrap a hot towel around your head.

  3. Call the ACS, ask about cab/transportation vouchers; in our case, we were able to get 300 bucks of cab rides to treatments. ( within a 6 month period )

  4. You are awesome man, truly inspiring. Even with such a bad day, you impress me that you can still share your story. Hate to see good people have to go through so much crap.

    Thoughts are with you.

  5. Well, snot rockets. That blows!

    New camera sounds exciting though! concentrait on that that and the healing.

    Still sending good mojo your way.


  6. Uck. That sounds awful! I hope you get to spend as much time as you can snuggled comfortably in bed with a good book, some DVD’s and your puppy today.

    I’m guessing the infection has to be all clear before they ven think about chemo. I hope you feel better fast so you can just get the chemo the heck over with.

    Thoughts and prayers continuing to come your way!

  7. For humanity’s sake I would dearly love to see the return of the house call when the whole health care system gets rehauled (in my dreams).

    How can that be healthy for you to hoof it all over town and sit for so long?

  8. It’s like it never ends, right? Hang in there, and I hope that today you have been able to snuggle with a warm blanket, the wife and the dog.

  9. Yep. Definitely a superhero you are!
    Stay strong and I hope those antibiotics kicked in quickly.
    This too shall pass.

  10. I’m sorry to hear you had a crappy day. Happy you didn’t have to deal with a return to the hospital and IV antibiotics though!

    Hope you have a good quiet day at home.

  11. Ezra, what a lousy day. Sitting has never ever been my sport and patience low on my list of virtues; I hate all the time (precious time) wasted; I would imagine the doctors did their best and were being thorough, but I’m with you. What a bunch of hoops to jump through for some antibiotics.

    BTW, in addition to your own beautiful writing, the comments to your posts are always a must read. It would seem that you have quite a posse of erudite, irreverent, and funny as hell friends. And they are all pulling really, really hard for you.

    I also go by my middle name but at the hospital I am sometimes ‘Evalynn’, my (long abandoned) first name. I began to refer to it as my cancer name, like I had a second identity (that I could leave at their door).

    Can’t wait to see some pics with the new camera…

  12. Ya did what ya had to do. Through all the suckage, you did your job. That’s all you can do. I can see ya now chill’en in ya bed examining your new camera.

  13. I’m bummed for you. Hope you are feeling better by today. Hubs had his drain in for over a month because it just kept filling up with fluid. Surgeon was very insistent that it stay as long as needed. Not sure if that would have made a difference in your case.

    On the positive side, there is a whole segment of cancer curing based on hyperthermia, which started due to anecdotal evidence of spontaneous remissions after people had high fevers. Let’s hope this unpleasantness contributes to the overall picture. Best.

  14. Hello! it’s everything ok? I hope you’re resting with Hill and Putney in your home, and the fact that no news is because everything is going well, really. Lots of hugs.

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