the best laid plans..

So yesterday didn’t go exactly as imagined.  I really did have the best intentions..  was so excited to get into the shop.  It never happened.

I realized at some point in the early afternoon that I had never felt tired before.  “Ooooohhhhh..  THIS is what tired feels like.. wow.”

I haven’t been able to get any real satisfactory explanation from anyone about WHY radiation makes you tired.  I’ve been hoping that without an explanation, perhaps it just won’t happen.  HA!

My ride this morning felt a little better than yesterday’s.  I think I was less ambitious about it.  Spent a lot more time just coasting.  (OH!!  yes.  there are a bunch of you who’ve been asking if the assless is fixed.  Hell NO.  THAT would be crazy.)  The bike is currently borrowing cranks and freewheel from another bike.  I’m waiting for the donated ones to arrive.  The final gear ratio will be quite a bit higher, which will really help.

I did go to the grocery store last night.  Took a bit of a detour and sat by the river for a while.  On a nice evening, it’s one of my favorite things to do.. just sit by the bike path in the sunset and see what people are riding.

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  1. bike’s gonna be kinda like a scooter that way. glad to hear you’re not as sick and nauseous, man.

    i miss the fairway! (i used to live in your ‘hood) i love that westside path.

  2. I just found your blog and I’ve been enjoying it. I love the new bike.
    I went through tons of chemo and a stem cell transplant this last year and I think I’ve successfully kicked cancers ass. Just stay positive!
    Beautiful bikes, beautiful website, and beautiful words.

  3. Radiation: If You Weren’t Tired Before, Well, We’ve Got That Covered.

    Good to hear you’re not sick, though. Keep kicking assless!

  4. Having just returned from a wonderful week in your fair city, I can attest to the enjoyment of just sitting and watching. NYC is the best city for people watching! And bike watching too by the sound of it.

    Yay bikes!

  5. I ride along the Charles River in Boston every day, and, you know what? I’ve never stopped just to chill out and watch the boats and geese and runners and bikers.

    I really need to do that. Tomorrow sounds like a good day to start.

    Thanks for giving me the thought.

  6. Hi Ezra,

    I haven’t read all the details, but enough people have been pointing me toward your story, and I’ve been aware of you (Flickr) for long enough that I wanted to comment.

    1. Sometimes we can be overly passionate purists about our bikes and if you’re tired, maybe it’s appropriate, and certainly no sin, to really take it easy and take a cab or something. In the Yin and Yang of things I’d say we westerners are super “Yang” and we don’t know how to cool out when we need to. It’s worth exploring the relaxed and quiet side of life and listening to your body when it tells you it needs to sleep and rest. Sweet dreams and delicious healing repose!

    2. Curious whether “recumbent” ever entered the discussion (as I say I haven’t read it all, so maybe I missed that part.) It worked for my ex when he had prosatitis.

    Thanks for sharing the important events of your life. We all have something to learn here.


  7. Great to see how well you’re handling this. Cancer will definitely humble your ass. Sounds like you may have a case of chemo brain. It will go away but it may take a while. Small warning about radiation, the feeling of “tiredness” will likely increase the further in you get but it will also go away at some point. Keep up the good fight!

  8. I am just starting to try and dig into it here…

    your open-ness is inspirational

    your approach is to be envied

    I have seen the Lance Armstrong promotion of that product for fighting fatigue
    have you tried it?

    my friend gail battled cancer
    and well
    it is in remission
    she is an inspiration

    strong people inspire us that are weak

    I envy your strength

    the thought of cancer makes me cry

  9. I work for a cancer research institute, and basically no one really knows why exactly radiotherapy causes fatigue. Makes sense though – basically all the healthy tissue which is adjoining the cancer gets zapped (even with today’s 4D PET-CT imaging, there’s still going to be a little collateral damage) is going to need to repair itself, which requires tons of energy, and your body has to chew up the damaged parts of the tumor too. Just imagine how bad it was in the old days, when they didn’t have jack for targeting equipment…

    Awesome blog, Ezra. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and best of luck.

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