The word manic has been thrown around a little..

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling really good.  I’ve been productive.  I’ve been excited about the various projects I’ve been working on.  I’ve had a strange break through and am suddenly playing the best pool of my life!  I’m back to cooking dinner for the family almost every night.  I’m back to bringing Hill her coffee in the morning instead of the other way around.  I’m taking photographs again (the little Fuji x-e1 that you guys bought me by buying lots of my pictures has helped..  a small camera that I really enjoy using..  something that I don’t mind having with me ALL the time).  The daily photos section of my photo website has proved to be a really great outlet.  Without a doubt, though, I’ve been burning it at both ends (as my friend octo-papi would say “If I had a third end I’d be burning that one too!”).  The night before last I came in from the shop with a t-shirt full of pill flasks (finally finished) at 10:15..  yes PM.   Lately, I get in bed at night and pull out my laptop to see about answering a few emails and end up falling asleep mid sentence.  Last night I woke up to Hill asking if she should shut it down for me.

It may be time to slow down just a little bit.   Hill and I are going to take off tomorrow and go up to Putney, VT, my home town.  We’ll spend a week up there.  We’ll take some bikes, and maybe do some nice mellow little dirt road rides.  My arm is healed up.  It feels fine.  I’m not sure that I should be doing any proper mountain biking yet, but a little noodling around the back roads of the town where I grew up is going to feel great.   My best man, Matthew Helminki, is back in the U.S. with his son Liam for almost a month, and he’ll be up in Putney while we are.  I’ll get to spend some time with my Caldwell brothers, Zach and Sam.  Some time with my nephew Gunnar.  I think we’re going to have a wonderful time.  It’s not Nova Scotia..  It’s a different thing..  but there’s plumbing, and there’s hospice care if I need it.   The hospice team has got me all set up with everything I could possibly need for the trip.  SO.  A little decompression.  A little break from this manic pace.  A little break from the HEAT, we’re hoping (there are ponds in Putney!).

I won’t be putting up any new photos for sale this week because I won’t be around over the weekend to do the printing.  Instead!  Pill flasks.  The long awaited pill flasks are going on sale.  Very shortly.  In just a few hours.   A lot of you have asked for these.. have asked to be put on the waiting list, etc.   I didn’t make a waiting list, though.   I think it’s fairest if I simply say when they’ll go on sale, and let you all go for it.   There will be two sales.  One at 1pm today.  I feel like this is fair for both east and west coasters.  The second sale will be tomorrow morning at 7am.  This seems fair for Asia and Europe as well as east coasters who may have been in the middle of a meeting or something this afternoon.  There are NOT a lot of these.  I made 4 feet worth.  With one that perished somewhere along the line (pretty good success rate now that I think of it), that ended up being 23 flasks.   Several of those are spoken for by people who I could not say no to..  my mother, for instance.   At any rate.  You get the picture.  My mom had some really beautiful fabric around that she sewed up and cut up and made nice little diapers for the flasks..   I’m pretty pleased with how the whole thing has come together!




Like everything else I do, the flasks are not HIGH polish.  They’re meant to float around in your pockets with your keys.  Brass is soft..  it’ll get marred up..  but it’ll also develop the sort of polish that life naturally gives things.  My own has become a really beautiful thing over the last month or so of use.

I’m running late.  I need to pack up and get to the pool hall for one last LONG day with Jon Smith before I head off to the country.

BUT.  At 1PM these will go on sale on the fast boy cycles site FOR SALE page.


Fast Boy out.






20 Replies to “The word manic has been thrown around a little..”

  1. I hope nobody else reads this until after 1…………

    Glad to read you are feeling better and have a trip planned. Best wishes

  2. could it be, dare i hope that your body, having been given a break from immune system destroying chemo, is rallying and fighting back?

  3. Enjoy your vacation in Putney. i know it will be everything you hope for and more.
    I can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures that this trip will inspire.

  4. Boo hoo, big bummer for me, Congrats Ezra! Sold out in two minutes.
    Enjoy your respite, celebrate, happy days! XO

  5. Was here at 12:56 pm to 1:15 pm eastern time (NYC time zone) and never saw them listed. I guess I got the time zones confused that you were using as your starting point. Not really sure.

    Absolutely love your image of “Big Help”. It’s even better in person than on the computer screen. Thank you!

    Happy for your feeling better and vital. Enjoy Vermont!

  6. dang. I’ll set my alarm for tomorrow. Also, enjoy your trip. And yes, relax and not worry about anything.

  7. I am curious to know your spiritual take on life and death. You deal with the physical, emotional and mental day to day challenges and you appear to do so with grace and pure honesty. Do you have a feeling about what will come next? Will the spirit and soul of Ezra Caldwell cease to exist outside of this blog and all who knew him personally? or will they live on somewhere?

  8. He hee 10:15?! That officially freaked me out, but yes that was a great update. Those pill flasks are GORGEOUS. I mean ridiculous. And the packaging… I so love that your mom got in on the act. I love it.

    Speaking of daily photos, I want to give that Chase a hug! I remembered that bike immediately. One of my favorites. Glad he’s still in on piece. Have so much fun up in VT. Keep taking that camera everywhere 🙂

  9. Hi Ezra, your pill flasks are amazing! I wish… Anyway, wanted to say have a wonderful time in Putney, Vermont. Sure is a special place to be. So happy to read this post and know you are feeling good. I bought a print from the first selection, it came to me perfect. The way you sign just melts my heart. xx hearts and big love. You are awesome.Big hugs back at ya… Have fun. 🙂 Robin

  10. Hey Ezra,
    I just watched the HandMade video of “The Bike Maker”. I was shattered with tears. Different kinds of tears, happy, sad, inspired, etc. You’re story is amazing. Absolutely breath-taking. If you have a moment to follow my fb page website linked on this comment, there is a trailer created for a documentary I am working on this fall. It’s about The Big Ride, cycling for unnecessary disease. I would be honoured for a few minutes of your time to watch.
    If you are inspired to send me a quick email back, please feel free.
    Your story is so powerful my stomach is in knots.

    All the love,
    Harley Spade

  11. Pásalo muy bien y disfruta del descanso. No fue posible conseguir el estuche para pastillas, pero intentaré lograrlo en la siguiente ocasión que pongas algo en venta, aunque nunca es fácil. Abrazo Ez

  12. Set my alarm and got up early but my fingers were clearly not fast enough. By the time I clicked on proceed to check-out the pill flasks message said sold out. No telling how many of us sat with our fingers poised until the digital timer said 6:00. Think of that – all for you and your lovely creations! You guys have a wonderful vacation and if you feel like it when you return, loads of us will be waiting to buy the next round of pill flasks. It’s not just our dollars we send but lots of love – and big hugs!

  13. Holy cow.

    I’d set my alarm for 6:30, made coffee… I was all set. I hit reload from 6:55 until the flasks were available and then [start excited tone] added one to my cart! There it was, in my cart! …And by the time I swung my mouse to the checkout button they were gone. I… I… really? It’s been three seconds! [End excited tone]

    Ha-ha! Seriously. I think they were gone in three seconds. I knew you should’ve charged more for ’em. And not because you could’ve, but because they were unquestionably WORTH more.

    Beautiful pieces, Ezra. Congratulations! I wish wish wish I could’ve been one of the lucky ones to get one, and now I super-hope you decide to make more, or offer prints of a few of the shots you took of ’em (because those are pretty sweet, too).

    But what I REALLY wish and super-hope is for you to do whatever it is you want to do. And that I could do more than throw money and paltry little comments your way. You have inspired me enormously over the last three years. I am, truly, a changed person because of you.


  14. Ezra, I hope you and Hill have a wonderful time in Putney. Ride your bikes, ride them FAST like the Fast Boy you are. BTW way, I love that name. Have you said how you came up with it?
    Or, meander/noodle as you said.
    Golly I love to read your updates, please keep feeling good.

  15. cool. maybe mill a flat on the cap to make one-handed opening easier or even cross-drill the cap so folks can thread a chain or what have you through it so they can hang it or secure it easily.

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