This round.

It went pretty smoothly this week.  I’m feeling good, relatively.  I got unplugged yesterday morning.  The weather has been warm here in NYC for the last handful of days, which is great for the whole cold sensitive neuropathy thing.  I can actually go outside!!  Great.  I took a trip to the supermarket yesterday on the xtracycle and made a big haul.  Collapsed when I got home.  HA.  Not quite myself.  Still, to be able to go to the store at all on a chemo day!  I win!

My white cells are pretty low.  The doc has requested that I take every precaution for the next few days.. through the weekend.  He’ll have me taking antibiotics over the weekend just to protect against possible infection.  But then I’ll be in the clear.  Hopefully get a good week of work in.

The current project is a fun one.  A dutch inspired town bike..  relaxed angles, all stainless lugs.. a chainguard.. a rear rack with leather panniers.. a flashlight mount in the front.  Quite a lot more work than a standard single speed, but fun.  I’ve got three bikes at the painters at the moment.  All of them with builds waiting in the bike room.  So over the next few weeks, I should get the pleasure of seeing a bunch of projects through.  There will be pictures.

Mckenny Welding Supply will be dropping off a big tank of argon this morning..  So I can squeeze in a little TIG welding practice.  Good.

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  1. Could have done with the relaxed angles of your Dutch inspired town bike yesterday…

    First training session after a 10 day lay-off ( due to the big freeze/chest infection ) with a 5 mile loop ’round the hills of Bathford and boy was it TOUGH.

    It took 10 minutes longer than usual but what kept me going throughout the run was the thought of you and your indomitable spirit…

    You’re an inspiration to us all Ezra and as I build up towards the Paris Marathon in just 7 weeks time ( April 5th ) it’ll be you that I have in the forefront of my mind spurring me on – as I prepare to take on that 26.2 mile monster once again!

    Incidently, I hear from all accounts – that throughout Alberto’s building – you have become everyones sweetheart…

    So what’s new!

    BIG LOVE en hou die blink kant bo…

  2. My Friend..Buenos dias!!

    Campeon!.how do you feel today!..i hope well and great…I send you a lot of well and high positive energy for all this weekend and next week..a lot of animos my friend…!
    I count the days to be again in the big apple…and to meet you for our big bike trip & brunch around the city!

    I wish you a great and lovely end of the weekend!

    Until soon.

    Ventura …from.. Spain…from this little island in the middle of the Mediteráneo sea..

  3. I saw your photos on Flickr not too long ago and found a link to your blog. I started reading all the way back at the beginning of your journey with cancer and I just want to say – you’re one tough cookie.

    Your photography is beautiful and you seem like a spectacular person.

    Stay strong – get well – give Putney kisses.

    Atlanta, GA

  4. Hang in there Ezra

    Glad to hear that this round of chemo went well. Used to ride a lot of Dutch bikes, love those relaxed angles some days when the weather and traffic is right. Allez allez.

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