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When I first started looking at photographs a few months ago thinking about the possibility of selling some, I was surprised by how many were shot on film, and not digitally.  I was even more surprised by how many of those were 35mm and not even medium format.  Many were shots that looked imperfect to me when I first shot them.  Shots that I may have shot over again if I’d had an LCD screen on the back of the camera showing me what I had!  And yet, over time something has happened to these shots for me.  I like the inperfections.  I like the focus being a little off..  the framing being a little off..  the presence even of dust or scratches, without having to run the shots through hipstagram to get them!

This week I decided to see what would happen if I started the selection process by narrowing it down to 35mm black and white film photos of Putney in bed.  White on white.  Even just choosing from the photos meeting those criteria AND that made it up on to flickr turned out to be a bit overwhelming.  I did not go through 8 years of negative sleeves digging for hidden gems.  But out of around 35 or 40 photos that I thought were strong, it was possible to make quite a number of distinct groups of 9 that ranged astonishingly in terms of overall feel.  Add to that the pitfall of the “cute doggie” trope, and the taboo of exposed nipples (a taboo to which 15 years in the dance world has made me numb), and the task really bent my brain a little.

For better or worse.  Here’s what I landed on.   I hope you enjoy.

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  1. I do, I do, enjoy them. I love all of the Hill and Putney photos and your love for them surrounds every photo. I look forward to adding a photo of them to my recent purchase of your Pentax Selfie which just arrived!!!!!!! Just wanted other prospective buyers to know how delighted they’ll be, beautifully done, and I am fortunate to have the photo, thank you!! You are a gift, Ezra. p.s. Since you asked, a friend is hoping for the butt to butt Hill and Putney, just passing it on. Dog bliss Putney and Hill.

  2. Thank you, Ezra! A sweet collection….photos of Hillary and Putney were what first caught my eye on Flickr.

    Have a great week. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Already sold out on almost everything, and I missed my chance… This is what I get for having a job! 🙂

  4. Beautiful Ez! When I heard no more bikes, I knew that you’d find a new avenue for your unstoppable creative energy. What a great move – I knew you loved photography but I only ever saw a few of your photos, They’re gorgeous and I’m going to join the que to buy some. But tomorrow we’re all off to Turkey for a while so I’ll check in when we get there. Love to you both, rog

  5. Mixed emotions – thrilled that you have already SOLD OUT so many of this set, sorry that the one I wanted is sold out. I do hope you’ll do another set with Hillary and Putney!

  6. Hi Ezra,

    I found your bike site sometime ago when looking for frame builders. I wish I had a fraction of your photographic talent, but I can still buy a print or two to enjoy.

    Ezra, just a wild-ass idea here, but would it be possible to simply select a photo from your archive to have printed (and signed)? I’d gladly pay more to get the print of my choosing and I bet others would too.

  7. Special request from an inveterate procrastinator. Meant/wanted to purchase the self portrait in front of the Jim Dine print. Would be thrilled if it were to pop into circulation in another group. And bravo on such a creative project and wonderful way to share your beautiful way of looking at the world.

  8. Oh no, can’t believe I missed out on ‘another morning’ 🙁 please let me know if you decide to print more….x

  9. I got super lucky and ordered my first photograph today! I missed out on the others but kept hoping for another chance and hit the jackpot today. Thank you Ezra for your inspiraton. Always amazing.

  10. Ezra,
    Yes, YES, YES to Don’s request in the above comments. I second that request and feel that so many others would love to own a chosen photograph if at all possible. As a nurse (director of case management) and member of our academic medical center’s ethics committee, I would be honored to have your work showcased on our Healing Arts wall.

  11. Oh no! I missed out again! Pretty pretty please do another run of these, I am heartbroken that they are sold out! x

  12. I bought one of the few left. It’s a perfect sleepy Sunday morning type of print for the bedroom. Thank you for making these available, and I hope that they continue to sell as quickly as you can post them!

  13. Hi Ezra,
    I’ve been following you for years and want you to know how much appreciation I hold for you! You’ve inspired me through tough times.

    Would like a print as well as a pill holder and by the time I see the print I want it’s sold out. I need to be “Faster”!
    You are my hero,
    Love, jewel in Cali xxxxooo

  14. I love the photographs-they are exquisite! But for some reason I can’t keep “Big Help” in my cart long enough to purchase-it keeps dumping out when I try to check out. My Mac is not being accommodating… please,is there another way to order a print?

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