Today is the day!





I slept in until almost 7:00 this morning for the first time in weeks!

It’s cooler today in NYC, and less humid.

Everything is as it should be.

Today, at 2:00 pm, the auctions for the Assless and the Ultimate Tight Ass will end, and the bike show will officially be over!   It has been my mental horizon for quite a while now..  What next?!


“beg your pardon?  I couldn’t hear that..  I think I have bad reception down here in the shop..  and the compressor is running.”


At any rate.  I do have SOME ideas..


The current bids on the the UTA and the Assless are $10k and $2500 respectively with A-RIV running uncontested on the UTA, and “yeti” and “mr. danger pants” duking it out yesterday afternoon for the Assless, but suddenly P.W. throwing his hat in the ring this morning!!

Naturally I would love to see some action on these bikes this morning, and I will be at the computer (or near it, swapping tires, and going no-tubes, and etc..  for a possible ride this afternoon).  I understand that these are BIG ticket items.  It’s a lot of money to be shelling out, and not a lot of time to think about it!  The cause is a good one.  These hospice folks are doing good work, and until there is massive change in the way palliative care is treated in our medical system, and until that system undergoes major change, they will only be ABLE to do what they do as a non-profit org. with the help of donors.   They really have made the last few months of my life a pleasure.  You’ve all witnessed my general level of activity.. productivity.   All this on what the docs are telling me is borrowed time.

I WILL be coming up with fast boy ways to donate in smaller amounts.   And, yes, of course, as some of you have pointed out, it is possible to simply donate directly.  OR figure out who your local hospice organization is and donate there!  OR volunteer!  I guess the most important thing for me is that there is an increased level of awareness about the end of life choices we actually have.  And that there is some level of support for the folks making those choices possible.

And YES.  The left over jerseys WILL be for sale here online soon.  You will be notified here, and on face place, etc..   Just need to get my bearings and set that up.

And YES..   There is another batch of pill flasks waiting in the wings.  They just need another day of Ezra standing at the lathe.

This week I will not be selling photos.  I am going to leave my weekend free, for some recuperation.  Hopefully by bike..  Hopefully with my beautiful wife.

This morning I finally got a little time to scan through some medium format film that I’ve been shooting over the last bunch of weeks.  Some from all the way back when we went up to Vermont!  Seems like ages ago.  I’ve posted up a bunch in today’s daily photos.  35mm from the same period coming soon!

Thank you all!  Please spread the word about these auctions.  Just 4 hours left!


Fast Boy OUT!



11 Replies to “Today is the day!”

  1. All of your successes are so well voiced through this blog but one thing you fall short on is how humble you are! Big your self up Ez, the UTA truly is the most beautiful mountain bike to be built in the past year and you should be filled with pride have made such an endearing legacy in the form of the bike alongside your donation.

    So much love,


  2. Yes, yes enjoy your weekend, just as you wish. A life, alive! with your wife, and Putney too, laughter, love, peace. XO

  3. Hi Ezra!

    A bike enthusiast friend posted your documentary on FB this morning. I’m so glad he did otherwise I wouldn’t know about you and your extraordinary life. All I can say is that you are one of the coolest guys I’ve ever read about. This morning I read nearly every entry in your blog. So talented, so resourceful, funny, honest and open. All these things you already know, but saying so anyway! And you are right, Hospice is fantastic and the medical community should be proactive about palliative care from the get-go. You are making a difference in so many ways. I’ll tell my son, another bike enthusiast, about the incredible bikes you have been building. He will be so impressed!

    Bless you, your wonderful wife and your family – and Putney! What a sweetheart!


  4. Ezra, I’m sorry I couldn’t have stopped by the show to see your bikes. But being on the west coast the trip was a little far for me. I’m impressed with your creativity and strength. I hope the bike auctions went well and raised some good money for a good cause. Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are. And thank you for sharing the roller coaster ride you have been on. You have accomplished so much you should be proud!

  5. So disappointed I live on the West Coast, and could not be there in the flesh to see these beautiful pieces of art. Congratulations, Ezra – you should be so proud to be the giver of so much good in the world!


  6. Hi Ezra. I live in Washington state, Vashon Island, and became connected with your story through a couple of friends who are fellow bike enthusiasts. I just want to let you know that even though we do not know one another, you have impacted my daily life in a deep way, with your ways of sharing your experience, as an artist, as a bike builder and rider, as a person living fully, seemingly without any hesitation to be present. I am also part of a hospice team here in my Puget Sound neighborhood. I am so glad that you feel supported by your hospice gang there. Kind of gives you a new lot in life, eh? From this west coast to your east coast, I am sending to you gratitude, and a thread of comfort and ease, as you go along. I think that you are a Renaissance man. many blessings to you, Ezra.

  7. Ditto, hope you’re ok. It’s been 10 days since your last post and I’ve been thinking about you. You sure had a busy/fantastic few weeks heading up to the show and auction, I hope you are getting a good rest!

  8. Ezra, you’re a force. Your writing and photography are as compelling as anything I’ve ever come across. Seldom does anyone live so fully, and I am immeasurably uplifted by your life and attitude. I wish you peace, I wish you beauty, I wish you comfort and the warmth of your loved ones. Thank you for being you.

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