Ultimate Tight Ass Project.



I decided that as a healthy distraction from my declining state of health, I would build a dream bike.

I’ve been having a great time riding mountain bikes, and it seemed fitting that I should ride one that I built.  I felt it would also be fitting to auction this bike off when I’m no longer able to ride it, and donate the money to cancer research.

In my mind I designed what I felt was the ULTIMATE build for a 29er hard tail baller.  I chose what I felt were the finest products available for the job, and where possible I chose parts that were made in these United States.  I approached the companies that make these dream parts, and to the very last one they agreed to come aboard.

Special thanks to:

Sram – xx1 trigger shift drive train AND a revelation XX fork.

Enve – 29er AM rims, seat post, stem, and handlebars.

Industry 9 – front and rear classic hubs.

Schwalbe – Hans Dampf tires.  TrailStar compound for the front and PaceStar for the rear.

Chris King – Head set and bottom bracket.

Formula – T1 brakes, front and rear.

Thanks also to Big Blue Saw for water jet cutting, and to Anvil Bike Works for donating a 142 x 12 dummy axle.

And thank you to Mr. Danger Pants for donating an Industry 9 Enduro wheel set as a back up, or to run different tires on. (!)

And thank you St. George for selling a painting and having the customer paypal ME the money to cover tubing and other raw materials.(!!)


Since I’m new to mountain bike building, I felt that it would be smart to build a prototype before committing to the final product.  My brother Zach, and good friend Todd, teamed up to put together a build for it so that we could do a little test riding.  Once the Ultimate Tight Ass is built, the Proto Tight Ass will go to my brother, and we’ll hair ass around the woods together like thing 1 and thing 2 on our matching bikes every time we get the chance!




It rides beautifully, and I think that I’ll only make the very minor changes necessary to accommodate the tapered steerer and extra travel of the revelation fork.


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