Monday was pretty rough.  I did manage to eat when I got home.  It did stay down.

I had intense body aches, though.  Upper spine, sternum, elbows, wrists, shoulders.  I got very little sleep.

Tuesday was a little scary.  My doc wanted to wait until tuesday to start the erbitux, because the first dose is twice the size, and comes with lots of pre-medications.  About two minutes into it something strange started to happen.  I felt a swelling tingle in my chest and arms and neck and finally face.  I started having trouble breathing.  “Um doc.  Something’s not right.”  It got pretty hard to talk after that.  He stopped the erbitux and filled me up with benadryl.  The reaction slowly subsided and he was able to finish the dose.  He says that it can happen the first time, and usually not again.  We’ll see next monday, I guess!

Today was wednesday.  I went in, and got unplugged.  Done with the first round, but not feeling any better than I have for the last two evenings.  A bit worse, in fact.  I’ve got lingering nausea and general exhaustion.  I got home from the office and made it as far as the couch.  Spent about 4 hours there.  uhg.  Here we go again.

Tomorrow should be better!

Now, I think I’ll bathe and get in bed.

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  1. I sure do feel for you and all you have been through, it sounds so tough. I’m hoping you getting some healthful, peaceful sleep. Take it one day at a time.

  2. I found you blog last week through CycleExif and read it all the way through. You’ve been in my thoughts on my last few bike rides, silently dedicating them to you, humbled by your courage, and reminded of the fragility of our daily existence. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hub’s worst days are always 4&5. (the 48 hours after deaccess). 6&7 aren’t great either. Days 1-3 generally aren’t too bad for him. The worst part of 1-3 is usually the 5-FU push.

    Hope you can get yourself into a tolerable regimen of sleep, pain/nausea control, exercise, eating and enjoying the times you do feel like moving.

    Best of luck with the Erbitux at the next infusion. Allergic reactions are very scary and something I’ve been watching like a hawk for with hub’s Oxaliplatin.

  4. Hey pal. Just because you backed off a cliff before and lived to tell the tale, it’s not necessarily easier the second time. Harder, in fact. Sorry you’re going through this shit–hope it’s knocking the hell out of the cancer.

  5. Dear Ezra,

    After reading about your reaction to the erbitux it reminded me that my clinic always poured a ton of benedryl into me first thing. (I was on it about 8-9 months )

    I would drop off after 10 minutes and then woke up about 2 hrs later and was awake for the tail end of my chemo. Clockwork.

    Also, I get hooked up Tues, unhooked thurs. Thurs feel like shit. Friday like a larger pile of shit, then much better Saturday. I call Tuesday my Green Day cause I come home from treatment looking like a green/gray combo.

    Hope your feeling better tomorrow, probably will.


  6. Strength across the sea my friend, you have endured amazing odds, this one is another one but you have the courage and strength to kick the ass of pain and sickness.

  7. much love being sent your way from chicago…i do think of you and read here often and am truly humbled by your strength and ability to write so eloquently no matter what your situation. we do not know each other but through this blog i feel i do know some small part and it gives me hope. & yay for wednesday!

  8. Dear Ezra,
    I hope you are better by the time you read this.
    I wish we could all share your pain, so that nobody would really feel it.

    Thank you for sharing all this with us.

    A hug from Italy.

  9. Long-time reader in Ireland, here, Ezra. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I’ve been following your story for the past while and to say that you are inspiring is a massive understatement. Rooting for you. It’ll work this time, I know it will!

  10. Go, Ezra Go!

    Rah,rah ree,
    Kick it in the knee!
    Rah, rah, ras,
    Kick it in the … other knee!

    I’ll just keep chearing for you.

    Sending you good mojo,

  11. Hello Ezra,
    I’ve been following your story for years now. I stumbled upon it when looking for wooden fenders. As it happens, I am a tumor immunologist (melanoma). I know an allergist who has done research on anaphylaxis in response to cetuximab (erbitux) infusion. Here is an online article about it:
    The long and the short of it is that tick saliva, meat allergies and anaphylactic responses to erbitux are all linked by a common carbohydrate structure. Have you ever reacted to meat of any kind, or had lots of tick bites? I hope your treatment goes well. Keep fighting.


  12. nice picture Ezra!
    Thank you for keep sharing your experience.
    Your way of living is inspiring.
    I wish you feel better soon. sending good thoughts. hug.

  13. Ezra,
    You have been in my thoughts although I do not know you. I feel like you have given me a gift though. The gift of slowing down and trying to be patient and appreciating each day. Keep on ass kicking cancer’s ass. Your strength is seriously inspiring.

  14. No words of substance, just this note on your door to let you know I’ve dropped by, one of the many, thought of you fighting inside, carrying you with me as I walked further down the block.

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