wednesday smile

It’s wednesday just like that. Headed in to get unplugged. This round was a breeze. Don’t know what to say. Monday I came home without incident.. slept for 5 hours. Got up and made dinner, and went straight back to bed.

Yesterday was a snap. Came home and played with making videos from rapid fire stills (see above.. this one from this morning).
Took a long hot bath. Cooked dinner. Went to bed.

Now it’s wednesday morning and I’m off to get unplugged. Thinking I’ll take my cue with me just in case I feel moved to travel on from the doc’s office to the pool hall.. could happen. I think last time I was going through this BS, I managed to play some handball on an unplug day. (it was the one time that bucky ever beat me!! though she refuses to count it as a victory. HA! stubborn). So I figure a little pool might be possible seeing how well this round has gone.

So what was different? Beats the hell out of me. We’ll just try to repeat the same mojo next round. The erbitux seems not to be doing as much to me.. Though I won’t know for sure until this evening or tomorrow morning. I’m thinking good thoughts.

X-mas is coming. I’ve been hesitant to really plug it here, at the risk of mixing the blog with commerce, but I DID start an Etsy shop a while ago with some photographic prints for sale. No books yet, I’m afraid, but a few pictures. I print them all here at the house on very nice paper with very nice ink. If you’re at a loss for x-mas presents, maybe this is the answer! (there’s a link over on the sidebar to the right). If there are particular photos that you’d like in print from my flickr pages, please feel free to make a request. I may not agree!! ha. I’m trying only to print things that I think make particularly nice PRINTS. Some stuff looks much better on the interweb than it does in print and vice versa. I hope this plug doesn’t feel dirty to all of you good readers.

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  1. miss chang is collecting a set of images of which she would like prints. I’m sure you’ll be getting an email before too long.

    Thank you for smiling in your assembled video.

    hope things keep going up for you.

  2. Well, I tried to be mad about your shameless plug, but then I watched your video, and well, damn it’s hard to be mad at you!


  3. Great to see you smile and I hope a lot of people will go for your prints, I think to ship any to Germany won’t make sense and definitely will not make it in time for X-Mas

  4. so glad you “opened” the shop – and I hope it is worth it for you.

    Question of the day: What’s the secret to keeping a bath hot? I’d love to enjoy them more, but they cool off and I’m done. Oh to have people on hand to pour copper teakettles full of hot water in now and again to keep me happy. 🙂

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