Got on the scale and it said 151!!!  NICE.  (I admit.  I had my shoes on, and was holding a cup of coffee..  but still.  Small victories.)

I was up and out early, as usual.  A beautiful day here in NYC.  Cool and dry and clear.  I threw my leg over the Assless, and off I went, thinking to myself how very cool it was to have this bike.  I’m hoping against hope that during my break between treatment and surgery they let me ride with a seat.  In the mean time, being mobile has meant the world.  Thank you all who have donated money and parts.  I think of you every time I ride.

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  1. 151! *I* sure would like to be closer to that number 😉

    Anyway… I got a shot of s. on her bike this past Saturday evening. Not quite as sleek a ride as the Assless, but the Princess has its charms 😉

    Breakfast looks yummy! Happy Wednesday!

    -j, r, s & z

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