Well hi. (teaching cancer to cry is moving. read on)

Fast Boy Cycles has a new website!   Years ago, when I first started to build bikes, my BFF Megan made me a beautiful website and the company went live.  Over the years we have massaged it and altered it to try and make it reflect the development of Fast Boy Cycles.   Finally, though, it has proved too complicated for me to stay on top of and to update with new images and content.  SO.  With help and advice from family and friends, I’ve built a new page.  One that I can change any time I want and keep dynamic and current.

The new site includes a process blog, which will be separate from THIS blog.  For those of you who are more interested in bikes and bike building than sickness and poop, that’s the blog for you!  I’ll be trying to document changes around the shop, and solutions that are turning me on, in case those bits of information are useful or interesting to anyone out there.

The new site will go live sometime in the next day or so!  Keep an eye out at fastboycycles.com.  There are likely to be hiccups.  Be patient.  When that happens, this URL will die!

Those of you who still check in on this blog frequently, thank you.  Thank you for continuing to follow along.  I’m sorry (and I’m not) that there aren’t more frequent updates these days.   The truth is that this blog was put together (also by sweet Megan Ann) to document the treatment of my cancer, and to pool that information in one place for the friends and family that wanted it.  Currently there’s not much to say on that front!  Happily!  Miraculously!  For those keeping score, my cancer is stable and I will be screened (petct and colonoscopy) every 6 months, down from 3.  Glorious. This blog WILL stay active.  It will be relocating, however.  Sometime over the course of tonight, this blog will move to teachingcancertocry.com, and the Fast Boy Cycles site will begin to go live. I am very sorry for any inconvenience, and I’d be very grateful if you’d update your links and or bookmarks.

Finally.  And reluctantly.  Fast Boy Cycles is on FacePlace.  Whatever.  Friend me or poke me or whatever it is that you do over there and try to be patient as I figure out how that whole place works.

Sincerest gratitude to all of you.

Big love.

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  1. “…For those keeping score, my cancer is stable and I will be screened…”

    I may be in NYC in November and I am debating if I should visit Rockefeller Center or Fast Boy Cycles. I think Fast Boy would be a more rewarding moment.

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