sorry to say

That my eyebrows are letting go. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but that’s just because I started with so bloody much. I assure you, they are starting to go away. Hillary informs me that she has been noticing my lower eyelashes disappearing as well.. oh well. It’ll all come back.

I haven’t been posting, or taking, quite as many self portraits lately.  The erbitux does such a number on my skin, that most of the time my vanity gets in the way a little.  But, I guess, still important to document.  It’s easy to forget unpleasant things, and sometimes having a record of them can be meaningful later on.

Thank you all so much for your support on these food videos. Means the world to me. I’m having loads of fun making them.. It does take a certain amount of mental energy and multitasking to cook and film at the same time, but it’s totally worth it.

Tonight I will make braised lamb shanks. I will film it. And I will put up directions tomorrow (with a little luck). I’ve been promising a post on braising for ages, and the time has come. You’ve been warned.

Now I think I’ll go take a nap with my dog.

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  1. Hurray Braised Lamb Shanks!!!! I’m looking forward to that post. Also, I’m officially putting in a request for video on your beans and salt pork.

  2. Hey. I don’t mean to be crass and for sure I’m not insensitve but it’s just your
    f-ing eyebrows. The thumbnail and the “sorry to announce” scared the crap outta me. Keep on keeping on Ezra. I may learn to cook from you yet.

  3. Ezra,You freakin’ scared us with your title “With some regrets” There are a lot of us out there thinking about you a lot. Glad to hear it’s your eyebrows… They’ll be back don’t worry about that. Ok I said it, now I can’t wait for the braised lamb shank, it’s one of my favorite food.
    with love

  4. gdammit if hair just doesn’t ever wanna grow where we want it, but shows up every other damned place >:( ..we’ll all just look forward to seeing you again with them big, bushy, beautiful <3

    Yay for naps with dogs! — I’m headed to just such a nirvana soon…

  5. Seriously. Never post another entry with this title… heart attacks all around.

    Oh eyebrows… you are a force of nature… good job hanging on so long. My best, Ez.

  6. I’ve been broiling lamb chops lately– soooo good. But easier most probably than your braised. Looking forward to the vid, and — yeah- good for yr eyebrows fer hanging on for so long!!! save some of them to make false eyelashes!!! ( I know that’s weird, but weirder things have happened) 8>)

  7. Yes. The combination of that soulful photo and the title had my heart in my throat. You’re forgiven of course, but shit, dude! Farewell, eyebrows. We’ll see you on the other side.

  8. i think about braised meat at least once a week. i need to make the transition from thinking about it, to indulging in it!

  9. yup – I feared the worst too. But I can laugh at the fact that it’s only your eyebrows. 🙂

    I’ve been saying lately I would like to learn how to cook lamb, so thanks for offering to help me cross that off my list.

  10. Your brows are tenacious suckers. I’m sure they’ll be back with a vengeance!

    Also, I love the food videos. My wife and I are SO ready to try Aztec soup. Thanks for the introduction, Ez!

  11. Yes, we are also going to try the Aztec soup in a bit.
    Are you typically dropping bourbon in to an IPA? What are your favs?
    Have you had 21 Amendment Brewing Co.’s IPA? If not, check it out.

  12. good work man … loving the cooking vids. inspiring me to try some of your recipes.

    people loved the shots of you, hill and putney at my photo show last night. thanks for bein a part of it all.

  13. Perhaps they are making way for a bigger and badder SuperBrow. It’s hard to imagine a bigger or better brow but ………… hey maybe you’ll go blond this time. Blondish as been hecka fun for me.

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