Wonderful news!

Today as I was getting off the subway at 72nd street and getting ready to walk across the park for treatment, I was thinking about the virtues of my wool long undies. I’ve been living in them this last week or so. It came to mind, though, that last year I didn’t wear them so much. Despite the CLEAR superiority over the capilene version of same in general warmth, skin feel, and especially performance while damp, I had been avoiding them because they gave me a constant wedgie!

Suddenly it dawned on me! Due to the nature of my surgery, and the loss of approximately 50% in depth of my butt cleavage, I am now WEDGIE PROOF!!! AMAZING! While I do not typically wear underpants at all for most of the year, during the winter months this will prove to be most helpful!

Immediately I thought of Rafa Nadal! This is something he might want to look in to. Just sayin’

In other news, a few fast boys sneaked their way on to the brooks blog with some super nice pants from clever cycles.

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  1. FABULOUS! I’m not willing to go to such lengths to become wedgie-proof….but the thought of not having to do little slight-of-hand tricks every time I get out of my chair at work makes me WAY jealous. Ahh, silver linings.

  2. Ezra, I’m so glad you’re “ok” after this super rough week. Holy shit. You’re wife should be canonized…but so should you.

    Keep up the positive spirit! You are amazing.

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