So yesterday started out pretty well.

I finished up the chemo at around noon (starving!) and had a few hours to kill before radiation.

I got to the radiation clinic and they whisked me in right on time.  The tech explained that they would just be taking films during that session to make sure they got the programing right.

“no treatment today?”

“nope, just films..  we’ll start tomorrow.”

“ok.  groovy.”

I was finished in just moments.  All was lined up and good..  ready to go.  I walked back home through central park.  When I arrived home 45 minutes later, I found a message on my phone from the clinic.

“um.. yeah.  You need to come back in.  They were supposed to give you treatment as well..”

“yeah.  I sort of thought so..”

I’ll admit, my heart broke a little.  It was just 4:00 and I was going to head out to the shop and try and finish up that fork.  FOILED!

I was back home (glowing a little from the radiation) at around 6:00.  Tired.  Long day.  Today will be MUCH shorter.

I was really looking forward to being unaffected by the chemo.  You know, tough guy! Fat chance.  I’ve woken up this morning feeling pretty lousy.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

My radiation today will immediately follow chemo, and I should be home by around 1:30 with a brand new acetylene bottle waiting for me.  If I’ve got the energy, I’ll try to get a coat of primer on that frame.  NICE!

(I’ve been having coffee and toast while writing this post..  and am already feeling MUCH better than when I woke up.  Ready for round two).

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  1. Here’s hoping that how you feel doesn’t get any crappier than that… an interesting side note, the women in our family who have suffered with morning sickness over the years have agreed that when you are exhausted, nauseated and generally BLAH, nothing stays down like McDonald’s french fries! Chemo is a lot less rewarding than pregnancy I’m sure–but it’s a thought. : )

  2. Dosh, Maggie.. It’s only 8:01, and I’m already feeling fine.. It was just a little early morning uhg. If that’s all I end up with during this thing, I’ll be very happy indeed!

  3. The tough is in the knowing you’ll get through it. Nothing weak in feeling like shit from being poisoned (though I’m glad to hear it passed this morning). Keep it going, tough guy.

  4. Good Morning – Hope your sail through your treatment today –

    What chemo agents are you getting???

    Oh, I spent the entire evening the other night checking out all of your pictures on flickr (is that spelled right?) It took pretty much the entire evening and I didn’t get anything else done around my house but it was totally worth it – You take great photos….

    Hang in there –


  5. Serious bonus points for feeling like functioning today. That really is the most important part.

    Keep on keeping on! I can hear your tumor crying already. 😀

  6. Hey Ez,

    I love the pictures.. keep them coming. I’ve always been in awe of your photography skills.. the dramatic lighting and bicycle parts on the kitchen table.. LOVE IT. Right next to the tomatoes! Awesome.

    I hope you are feeling better today.. coffee heals the soul. I learned to be addicted from Hill (she has that affect on people).

    I love you guys. Have an improved day. I love your attitude.

    -La (sis in Florida)

  7. glad to hear the chemo has begun, the battle has been joined, the reversal is in the works. all those images, with varying degrees of appropriateness. good luck with round 2!

  8. Hi Ezra!

    Wow! Sounds like you are doing just great! Did that crappy feeling this morning feel like a bad hangover? haha-just trying to get a frame of reference so I can feel your pain! :^)

    Oh, maybe later eat a dish with a lot of garlic? I always feel fortified (stinkily so) when I eat garlic-y things…


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