Yesterday I wept.

I sat on the couch with a boiler maker waiting for glen to show up and go to dinner with me, and listened on the radio to the story of Grete Waitz’s career, and death yesterday, at 57 from cancer.  She won 9 of the 11 new york marathons that she ran, starting in 1978, (one of the two that she didn’t win, she was running with the marathon founder fred lebow, who was pretty old and sick at the time..  they held hands accross the finish line).  When she ran her first, in 1978, apparently it was her first time running the distance, and she set a course record, which she then went on to beat a handful of times.

For such a woman to die so young is a robbery.  Obviously people who aren’t famous in any way also die too young, and it’s ALL heartbreaking.  But listening to the story, I spontaneously broke into tears.  Big wet tears.  This bloody disease makes me so angry I could spit.

Sleep well, Grete.  You inspired a whole world of people.

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  1. i read about her yesterday as well. she seemed like an incredible humble strong amazing woman. cancer is such a terrible struggle for so many, i spit with you as well.

  2. That’s one of the things that sucks about cancer…no one ever deserves it, but it strikes anyway. Young, old, healthy, sick, man, woman, anyone. So angering. Gotta keep up the fight.

  3. When we don’t know what to say, I hope you get a sense of us sitting here with you . Sometimes cheering and sometimes, like today, sadly. Quietly.

  4. thank you for sharing the “ugly” parts too Ezra. cry. cry and be angry. you’ve been through hell and your life is forever changed.

    i lost my father to cancer.

    it sucks. all of it.

  5. “Anger is an energy.”
    I mourn with you, Ezra. Not just for this remarkable woman, but for all those people whose stories we will never know; stories that should never have been short stories, but epics.

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