yet another milestone.

This year has been full of significant feeling milestones.  Final treatment of the first round, birthday, end of 2008, final treatment of the second round, year since diagnosis etc etc..  I guess after this one, it becomes 6 months, a year, five years cancer free (with luck).  There’s something about having this thing out that feels particularly satisfying.  Knowing that they can’t sneak up on me with any chemo.  Last visit to my doc’s office, a week or so ago, he had a chemo pump on the counter, probably from the last patient, and a small flood of dread came over me..  somewhere in the back of my mind I was terrified that he might plug me in and send me home with the thing..  you know, “for good measure.”  Try it now!

The procedure went smoothly.  After a 3 hour wait (?), a nurse took me into a room.  “I’ll just prepare the i.v. while we wait for the doc.”   “Um.. actually.. can I do it without sedation?  There’s stuff I’d love to do this afternoon, and I didn’t bring a chaperon.”  “Oh!  great!  simpler for us.”

I’ll admit that without that weird conscious sedation they do, I was a bit more anxious than when it went in.  My heart rate went up almost to 60 bpm at one point.  (I’m making a joke..  sort of.  When all this started, I noticed during a procedure that my resting heart rate was around 56 or 7.  It didn’t change much over the course of the year.  Yesterday, when they hooked me up it was 42! and honestly never made it above 60 during the procedure.  While this is hardly impressive compared to the 30 bpm of monsters like Miguel Indurain, it is PRETTY low.  It may have been the three hours sitting in a refrigerated hallway waiting!  Maybe I started to go into hibernation).

This weekend I’ll be showing bikes again at summer streets.  They’re putting us in a slightly more visible spot this time around.  Lafayette just above spring (across from bicycle habitat). I hope to see you there!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been building Glen Hansard his second Fast Boy.  This time he and Hedi Rose were making a movie about it.  We had a great time.  The bike is a beauty, and as long as it’s not pouring rain on saturday, I’ll have it with me in its unpainted state.

That’s it.

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  1. Great news Ez. My father-in-law has just finished his chemo and radiation treatments and it’s looking good at this stage.

    … I think Miguel had a little “help” with his heart rate.

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