You thought the arm was too much?


come on!


After writing the last blog post on Saturday morning I went to the pool hall and spent the afternoon loosing at one pocket.

I came home to find this in my pile of mail.  Like I said..  You can’t make this shit up!!

Someone at the county clerk’s office has quite a sense of humor.


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  1. Two responses – show up and immediately start saying to everyone you meet that you hope you get a death penalty case because in your opinion they all should fry, or alternatively, let them put out an arrest warrant for you just for giggles. ;D Life’s all a cosmic joke anyway so always keep laughing till the end. Much love to you Ezra!

  2. I’ve done jury duty myself and under normal circumstances I would say that it can be quite an experience (depending of course on what kind of case you get), but ya. The case I got on ended up going in to extended deliberations and we had to be sequestered for a couple nights cuz a few of the jury were total boneheads. I think that was an unusual situation, but I think the last thing you want at this point is that.

  3. I’m a longtime lurker but had to google map your summons address, as I used to live in the neighborhood- I assume you know that Putney (and it looks like Hillary!) show up on Google street view? Too cool-

  4. Y’know, laugh out loud is a sentiment that’s been cheapened by the whole LOL phenomenon, but I legit laughed out loud at this. I keep picturing some sort of cosmic work room. Crumpled paper all over the floor. Pizza boxes, coffee cups.
    “Okay guys, where are we.”
    “Well, the cancer bit was a doozie.”
    “What else.”
    “Let’s see. Busted ribs, lost spokes, busted tire, busted knee, broken arm, RE-broken arm – “
    “That was creative, by the way.”
    “What else.”
    “That’s it.”
    “That can’t be it.”
    “It really is.”
    “Think people!”
    “I don’t… um… jury… summons?”
    I may be holding a grudge about the arm, but this latest effort is cute at best, Universe. Good try though.

  5. It will be impossible to make a movie about you, Ezra. No one would believe it, and the screenwriter’s career would come to an abrupt, ignominious end.

  6. If it’s not sent by registered mail, they can’t prove you got it. Just never respond. Of course, it’s a little late for that now…. oops! 🙂 I just can’t wait to see what you decide to tell the judge. That will be funny.

  7. Ignore it? If I was you, I’m not sure I’d even engage the bureaucracy.

    I had jury duty, and went to the courthouse intending to perform my duty. It paid $10 a day. I said I was still getting paid by my work, and didn’t need the little stipend. They said they needed my SS# or they couldn’t pay me the stipend. Odd. I politely clarified again I didn’t want the money. Like offended robots they repeated the lingo. A nonseqitur standoff ensued. Eventually I had to sign a document refusing pay. I didn’t give my SS#.

    After an hour or two, they called me out of the pool and released me from jury duty. Never been called again.


  8. You don’t have time for this, do you? Even for a whopping $40 a day. You can postpone once by calling in a week before service (800-449-2819), but you can also ask the the local commissioner of jurors (apparently Norman Goodman) to be excused from service due to medical hardship. They’ll ask for supporting documentation but you seem pretty well documented-up to me.

    Jury Administrative Office
    60 Centre Street, Room 139
    New York, NY 10007
    (646) 386-5969

  9. Grand Jury…is a month-long commitment usually…really some kind of Cosmic Joke! I imagine you’ve dispensed with it already.

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